Goldilocks – Part 4

A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales. Goldilocks – Part 4
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Goldilocks – Part 3

A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales. Goldilocks – Part 3
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Goldilocks – Part 2

A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales. Goldilocks – Part 2
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A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales: Goldilocks

A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales
By: Rod Q. M’Gurk
The Erotic Adventures of your old favorites. Continue reading

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Toni Greis

Toni Greis was born 30.08.1973 in Germany. He is a well-known comics author and illustrator.


His first publications were in the underground magazine “Menschenblut”. After that he had the opportunity to work for independent publishing company “SCHWARZER TURM” in 2000. Together with scriptwriter Rochus Hahn they created their own adult comic series. Eight-volume erotic series Alraune had a great success and appeared in six languages ( Alraune is humanoid-shaped Mandrake root or Mandragora). In the United States, the series was published by Eros Comix.

In addition to his erotic portfolio Toni also worked on several issues of colored erotic magazines like ARTCORE, or EEE, also for the american comic book magazine Heavy Metal and the Horst series by Jürgen Speh.

At present time Toni is working on the next volume of his series LUNA. In June 2007, Toni was honored with the ICOM Independent Comic Award in the category “Outstanding Artwork” award for his work on “LUNA”.

Toni Greis lives and works in Braunschweig (Germany)


Alraune (8 volumes, Script: Rochus Hahn)
Alraune Portfolio
LUNA (3 volumes, Script: Rochus Hahn)
Human blood
The wolf in the stable
Little Orphan Dinner (Script: Bela B.)
Heavy Metal:
The Murderer´s Mother (Script: Josef Rother)
Wolf Trap (Script: Josef Rother)

Some Examples of His Famous Artworks:
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Ignacio Noe

Ignacio Noé (born January 27, 1965, Argentina ), usually acknowledged simply as Noé, is an artist in a wide array of graphical genres, working in comics, children’s books, magazine illustration and erotic comics, in a highly rendered style that utilizes both digital and traditional media. His works include “The Piano Tuner”, “Ship of Fools” and most notably “Convent of Hell”.

Noé also gives painting workshops geared towards the field of illustration.

Here are some examples of his adult comic works:
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Milo Manara

Milo Manara. A great illustrator of erotica.

Maurilio Manara – acknowledged professionally as Milo Manara – (born Sept 12, 1945 in Lüsen). Milo Manara is an Italian erotic comic book author and artist, most honorable for his erotic advance to the medium.

He got his comics debut in 1969 drawing for “Genius”, a Fumetti neri series of pocket-format books from publisher Furio Vanio. In 1970 he worked as an illustrator for the magazine Terror, and starting in 1971 depicted the erotic series Jolanda de Almaviva.

Milo Manara's comic book coverSome of his most famed strips include “Click” (in 3 parts) and “Wendy”, Wanda and Wilma. His comic strips and sketches center on elegant, gracious, beautiful young women caught up in unbelievable and fantastical erotic scenarios. For example his famous works such as Gioco (1983, also acknowledged as Click or Le Déclic), (1986, Butterscotch), (1988, Hidden Camera). He apparently has a fixation with the female bottom. A lot of his comic strips have subjects of bondage, domination, submission, humiliation and invisibility. They vary in their explicitness, but the overall mood is playful. His skill in making ambience, his outstanding talent, and his episodic excursions into more “mainstream” tales, have served to bring him an atmosphere of artistic reputability.

His work was brought to an American audience mostly through its appearence in Heavy Metal magazine. In present days Milo Manara is considered one of the most authoritative comics creators in the world

Manara worked on X-Men project scripted by Chris Claremont for Marvel Comics. X-Men: Ragazze in fuga was released in April 2009 in Italy; in July 2010, the book was issued in the United States, titled as X-Women.

Here is a list of his works:

Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman
Candid camera
El Gaucho
Fatal Rendezvous
Golden Ass
Gullivera (Gulliveriana)
Hard Game
Hidden camera
Indian Summer
Journal Intime
Kama Sutra
Pin Up
Piranese The Prison Planet
Short stories
Tarot Erotique
The Paper Man
The Art of Spanking
I Vizi Capitali
Borgia: Power and Incest (Le pouvoir et l’inceste)
Borgia: Blood for the Pope (Du sang pour le pape)
Borgia: Flames of the Pyre
Les Femmes de Manara
La métamorphose de Lucius
Milo Manara – Eurotica
De Zonnevogel – Wilbur Smith
Venus et Salomé
Jour De Colère – Les aventures africaines de Giuseppe Bergman
Le Parfum de l’Invisible
Christophe Colomb

Free sample galleries:
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