Goldilocks – Part 3

A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales. Goldilocks – Part 3

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Goldilocks thereupon submitted serenely to the third bold hunter’s carnal demands, even anxiously aiding him for the sake of expediency. Pressing close so that her full, white breasts engulfed his chest, she raised her mouth to his and tasted of his lips, his tongue, and the caverns of his mouth.

Whilst thus occupied, Goldilocks pulled down the bold hunter’s green hunter tights and grasped the full, hot, quivering mass of his cock in her hands. And the poor girl’s breath staggered and grew short, and her body tingled with the hot flush of excitement. She pumped the cock in her hands, faster and yet faster, until the bold hunter groaned as a wounded animal and Goldilocks’ cunt throbbed with aching yearning.

The overwrought girl moaned and parted her thighs and forthwith steered the bold hunter’s cock down her belly toward her steaming nest.

The bold hunter groaned yet again and quite suddenly stiffened, and his eyes rolled wildly in his head. At once and the same time, Goldilocks felt the cock jerk convulsively in her hands as in a trice, it ejaculated in full spurts upon her belly!

Yet again did the bold hunter groan, as he sagged full upon the ground and lay still.

For the longest moment did pretty little Goldilocks merely stand there in all her enchanting nakedness, struck quite dumb with dismay as the viscous semen trickled slowly down her belly and thence into the curly mass of her luxuriant nest.

Goldilocks was panting heavily still, and the heightened throbbing of her cunt lessened not. Nor did the trees of the deep woods spin wildly as before, and change colors.

The pretty, unravished maiden looked down upon the stilled figure and said to him, “Bold hunter, thou art a vile and wicked son of a bitch!”

Whereupon, Goldilocks stepped over the fallen form — being especially careful to stomp fully upon its diminished cock and balls — and continued down the path through the deep woods.
Soon Goldilocks came upon a pond, and there she determined to bathe and freshen herself before proceeding to the wedding.

The pretty girl did not cool down readily. The soft, gently undulating waters caressed her beautiful body as a thousand delicate fingers, tingling nerve endings already raw and alive. Goldilocks thus was prompted to do some caressing and tingling of her own, and the sensations coursed straightaway to her still pulsating pussy.

The pretty girl labored diligently at laving her vagina, most especially the clitoris. Ill satisfied with the result, she thereupon retrieved a reed mace from the bank and proceeded frenziedly to masturbate with the cat-tail.

But alas! Goldilocks’ every attempt to satisfy the inexplicable urging in her awakened body met with frustration. In tears, angry and distraught, the tortured girl pulled herself from the pond and proceeded down the path through the deep woods to the little chapel in the green dell…

The wedding ceremony was fully underway when Goldilocks appeared in the open doorway of the little chapel. In testimony to Goldilocks’ unrivaled sensuous beauty, the wedding guests reacted at once — “Ooohhh! Ahhhh! Wowee-wow-wow! Hoo-hah! M’GAWD!”

The good friar, looking up from his Testament, choked in the middle of his passage.

The fair and lovely bride, turning, gasped so hard she well nigh swallowed her tongue.

And the groom was so startled and so deeply moved by the vision that his monumental prick rrrRRRIPPPPPed through his green hunter tights, instantly erect!

Goldilocks froze, staring in wide-eyed disbelief at the groom’s cock (as well did his mortified bride). Long, massive, and heavy, it swayed to and fro, now and again convulsing, as though beckoning…

Numb and aching still with frustrated urging, pretty Goldilocks lost all sense of propriety. The solemnity of the occasion mattered naught. The presence of a multitude of guests mattered naught. All that flashed to Goldilocks’ brain was a mass of erogenous signals from fresh-enlivened areas of her captivatingly sensuous body.

Goldilocks moved toward the bride and groom as one possessed, the pounding in her pelvic area becoming a drum beat, her warming breath coming quick and deep, swelling her lovely breasts, acute sensations pricking at her tightening nipples.

Goldilocks halted, turning to the bride, and asked politely: “Mayn’t I kiss thy groom?”

The bride, in a state of complete shock, could answer not. But no one defers a wedding kiss, so Goldilocks bent to the groom’s monstrous cock and, taking it firmly in hand, kissed its liquoring tip with loving tenderness. Then she dallied her tongue in the hole, and laved the bulbous head, and soon had her moist lips enclosing its hot massiveness and was pumping as much of its obscene length into her mouth and throat as space would allow. It all fair set a precedent for wedding kisses.

The bride could only stare dumbly as she watched, suspended in shock, whilst the multitude of guests were frozen in awe. But the groom, growing exceedingly nervous, trembled and groaned: “My God, Goldilocks! Couldst thou not wait till after the wedding?”

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