A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales: Goldilocks

A Naughty Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales
By: Rod Q. M’Gurk
The Erotic Adventures of your old favorites.


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Once upon a time there was a very pretty golden-haired maiden named Goldilocks, and she lived in a pretty little cottage on the edge of a pretty deep woods with her pretty nondescript mother.

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One fine day, Goldilocks was invited to a wedding in the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods. As the appointed hour neared, Goldilocks hurried through the woods lest she be late for the ceremony. Tippy-tat, tippy-tat went her dainty little feet on the path. Rustle-swish, rustle-swish went her three lace petticoats and pretty taffeta gown. Bouncey-bounce, bouncey-bounce went her bouncey, ripe young breasts.

“Oh, dear,” Goldilocks panted prettily, “I pray I shall not be late for the wedding.”

But alas! Suddenly a very large, bold hunter in green hunter tights blocked Goldilocks’ path.

“AHA!” growled the bold hunter.
“Oh, goodness!” gasped Goldilocks, startled.
The bold hunter grinned broadly, saying: “Whither goest thou on MY PATH, fetching maiden?”
And Goldilocks replied, “I but hasten to a wedding in the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods, kind sir. Prithee let me pass, lest I be late.” Inexplicably, a cold chill crept over Goldilocks as she perceived a swelling bulge in the proximity of the bold hunter’s crotch.
The bold hunter grinned broader still, saying, “Canst thou pay the price of passage, lovey-lass?”

The bold hunter’s bulge was growing larger and larger, stretching his green hunter tights all out of shape. Goldilocks knew not what it meant but she felt a twinge of fright. “Oh, please, bold hunter, sir,” she pleaded politely, “I have not a farthing upon my person.”

Said the bold hunter: “Fair miss, I give not a fuck for a farthing, but a fuck for thy PERSON!” And with this he wrenched the green hunter tights from his hips, exposing a massive, reddened rod which jerked and danced merrily above a brace of large balls encased in a hairy pouch.

Pretty little Goldilocks had never perceived such as this and she knew not what to make of it, nor of the bold hunter’s gruff manner. She stood transfixed, and the very breath caught in her throat as the bold hunter yanked at her bodice and freed her full, white breasts. Then he fiercely tore the pretty taffeta gown fully from her body and cast it to the ground. And reached neath her three lace petticoats and ripped her silken panties… then clapped a huge hand quite firmly upon her maiden’s mound! Goldilocks’ heart fair jumped to her throat.

The next instant the poor, terrified girl found herself full upon the grass with the bold hunter full upon her, his hot mouth smothering her face, her full red lips, her neck, her shoulders, her swelling tits and heaving breasts.

“I… I pray thee, bold hunter,” Goldilocks gasped, “Whither thou goest or… whither thou do est, I know not… but… lest I be late for the wedding—YIIIIEEEEE-E-E-E!!!” A spasm of excruciating pain shot through Goldilocks as the bold hunter seated his massive rod squarely in her nest and plunged near full within!

Screams of anguish died aborning in Goldilocks’ throat as the giant cock plunged deeper and deeper yet, tearing at virgin flesh. Goldilocks wrenched, twisted, writhed, trying desperately to ease the ferocious pain… and yet to accommodate the strange new sensation which was mounting by waves within her…

Deeper, harder, faster, fiercer grew the bold hunter’s assault… until, at length, he stiffened like an arrow and an anguished growl gurgled in his throat. Through eyes watery with tears, Goldilocks saw the trees of the deep woods spinning wildly, changing color, and felt a mass of searing wetness spurt deeply within her. She moaned pathetically and closed her eyes.

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  1. Jorge Ferreira says:

    Where can i find the other stories?
    The rest of the book?
    I`ve had-it but i lost-it.
    And i`d like to have the all book.
    Many thanks.

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